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 READ FIRST - FORUM RULES (the real ones)

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PostSubject: READ FIRST - FORUM RULES (the real ones)   Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:32 pm

Firstly welcome to our Forum,
not only is this for Australian bulldogs related stuff, but also just every day stuff as well,
we hope you enjoy it here,

ok now down to the rules,

ADMIN, will not tolerate ANY personal attacks, we all understand that everyone has a personal opinion, and we believe that this can be said without attacking other peoples opinions, we all need to agree to disagree, everyone is entitled to there own opinion but not at the expense of other people,
any personal attacks, slander or badmouthing, will be deleted straight away and the poster will get a warning,

we have a debate sections, once again, NO PERSONAL attacks, we welcome everyones opinion, just keep it to a non personal personal opinion

any ABS, UABA, or UABA confidential related news or updates are NOT ALLOWED
as we have members from each club, those types of things are more suited to there own forums
any public club news is more than welcome.

we made this forum for ALL Australian bulldog lovers, owenrs breeders, whatever you are. we love thr breed and want to share it with other people,
and also its a place where you can just talk shit, it doesnt HAVE to be dog related,

so please enjoy the forum, and keep it friendly

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READ FIRST - FORUM RULES (the real ones)
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